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The Nillabyte Perspective: Entertainment

  1. Terrible Season Of Modern Family Wins Emmy -- Did They Not Have any Competition?

    Modern Family, entering its fourth season this Wednesday, won the Emmy for best comedy. My reaction: What? Did they not have any competition or something?

    The first season of Modern Family entertained me enough that I actually <a href=" creativeASIN=B002JVWQSW&linkCode=as2&tag=nillabyte-20">bought ...
  2. Breaking Bad: Rooting For The Antihero

    ** Spoiler Alert: This article may contain spoilers for the AMC series Breaking Bad, from its first season to its third season.<br /><br /> What would you do to guarantee the financial security of your family? Most of us would probably work, spend wisely, save, and possibly invest. However, ...
  3. 24 Series Finale: The End Of An Era

    ** Spoiler Alert **
    If you have not seen 24, but you intend to watch it, this article may reveal key plot points.

    24, the landmark TV series, will end tonight. When FOX announced the shows cancelation, it didn't come as a surprise. Kiefer Sutherland's contract has ended, the ...

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