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The Nillabyte Perspective: Technology

Thoughts about technology

  1. Facebook Hates Blind People

    Yes, I went there. Facebook hates blind people.

    As a blind person who appreciates and uses useful technology, I appreciate companies who remember that blind consumers have needs that are unique and different from sighted users. For computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone and ...
  2. iPod nano Vs. iPod touch: Which Is Better For Blind Users?

    Since both the iPod nano and the iPod touch come preloaded with accessibility features (assistive technology) geared to those with poor or no vision, one may wonder which serves blind users the most effectively. The fact is, they both do. But each has its own virtues and disadvantages, both from an ...
  3. Accessibility For iPhone, iPad, And iPod touch: A Blind User's Review

    The iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are amazing and revolutionary devices, and now, consumers who are blind or visually impaired, can use them too. I've been using the iPod touch for the past few weeks and have been testing out the accessibility tools. Although I've only tested the iPod touch, the same ...

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