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The Nillabyte Perspective: Technology

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  1. Windows 7 Only As Secure As XP

    Microsoft has been boasting that Windows 7 is the most secure version of Windows to date. But the new "Windows XP mode" feature provided for compatibility also brings vulnerability.

    After the poor adoption rates of Windows Vista, Microsoft is anxious to do anything they can to encourage ...
  2. Could Microsoft Go Open Source?

    The long-term battle between open source and proprietary software has been on my mind recently. A few days ago, I wrote about some new reports regarding Linux kernel development and what that might mean for the future of Linux. The bottom line is that things look good. Linux is still growing, and ...
  3. Windows 7: An Improvement But Just As Annoying

    Reviewers are going gaga over Windows 7, but there is little reason for you to go rush to get it and spend $120, especially if you already own Windows Vista. Microsoft would have you believe that Windows 7 is an all new and redesigned OS, but it is really just Windows Vista with a few new eye-candies ...
  4. Microsoft Windows 7 Just As Slow As Windows Vista

    Following up on our previous hunch that Windows 7 is actually Windows Vista, a host of recent news seems to confirm that. Most notably, an article in PCPro talks about the snappier feel of the Windows 7 preview they've been using. After mentioning that things seem to spring to life rather quickly ...
  5. Windows Vista Named The Biggest Disappointment

    PC World has just published a new article about the 15 Biggest Disappointments of 2007. In the number one spot we find (any guesses?) - Windows Vista! The article says that not everything about Vista is bad, but considering that it took five years with all of those Microsofties working on it, the ...

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