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  1. Content Being Prepped For Apple Tablet?

    Although the forthcoming tablet device from Apple is still nothing but rumor, it appears that publishers are already taking notice of the change it could mean for media. Time Inc. today released information on its plans to produce digital versions of some of its most popular titles, starting with Sports ...
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  2. AT&T Ranks Last, And Dismisses Lawsuit Against Verizon

    Customers may love the iPhone, but in the U.S. they loathe the iPhone's exclusive carrier. A recent survey by Consumer Reports will do nothing but continue the decline of AT&T's image. With over 50,000 individuals surveyed in 26 cities, AT&T, although the most expensive, is ranked dead last for ...
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  3. iPhone To Come To T-Mobile and Sprint Before Verizon?

    The AT&T iPhone exclusivity in the U.S. is expected to end next year, and many consumers are anticipating the popular iPhone to become available on other U.S carriers. Although there has been much demand for a Verizon enabled iPhone, analyst Shaw Wu believes a 2010 Verizon iPhone deal is unlikely. ...
  4. The Continual Expansion Of Google: Offering Full-length TV Episodes?

    Google, once known solely for its heavily used search engine, has expanded into other markets in recent years: email, online productivity, video (YouTube), VOIP, instant messaging, smartphone software and hardware, the competitive web browser market, and the operating system market. Google won't stop ...
  5. Google Planning On Competing More Aggressively With Apple's iPhone?

    A few weeks ago, rumors started to surface reporting that Google is planning to produce a smartphone. Not simply an Android OS based phone with some control from Google, like the Droid phone, but a Google branded phone. Today, Gizmodo added more fuel to the speculation.
    According to a trusted
  6. Microsoft Office 2010: Will It Be Worth The Upgrade?

    Next to Windows, Microsoft's most ubiquitous product is Microsoft Office. This last week, Office 2010 beta was made available for public download, and I've been test driving the software. As expected for a beta release, there are bugs, but my primary reason for test driving wasn't to report on hiccups, ...
  7. Google's OS Is Intriguing, But Comes With Substantial Tradeoffs

    Google today previewed Chrome OS, their attempt at an operating system to compete with Windows, Mac OS X, and with distributions of Linux. By design, there really isn't much to Chrome OS. Google is aiming at simplicity, speed, and security; keeping the OS minimalistic is certainly a way to accomplish ...
  8. With Such High Expectations, Will The Apple Tablet Deliver?

    Speculation of Apple's Tablet device continues to gain energy. reports that several tech analysts are predicting the rumored tablet will be "the gadget to end all gadgets."

    Hmmmm. I have my doubts. First, if this rumored device ever sees the light of day, Apple will likely ...
  9. Ubuntu Aims For Simplicity, But Confuses With Release Versions

    A few days ago, I wrote an article questioning Ubuntu's release cycle. Today, I'd like to expand that to its version system, and look a little deeper into the problems I perceive.

    First off, the previous article voiced frustration with the current six-month release cycle. In a nutshell, ...
  10. Magic Mouse: Will Apple Ever Produce A Perfect Mouse?

    For many years, Mac users have had the unfortunate privilege of enduring one of the crappiest mouse on the market. The Mighty Mouse had a scroll ball which enabled the user to scroll 360, but the scrolling seldom worked. Oil, dirt, grease, and grime would become lodged in the mechanism and prevent ...
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