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  1. What Is The Achilles Heel of Windows 7?

    I've been using Windows 7 for several weeks, and I still feel that it is an improvement upon the horrendous flop that was Vista. Although I consider Windows 7 to be the weakest OS in a contest between it, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu, I have to admit that it comes pretty darn close to meeting many of the capabilities ...
  2. Is Steve Ballmer Optimistic, Or Delusional?

    I'd hate to be Steve Ballmer. Yeah, he gets to run Microsoft, and has tons and tons of fancy toys and lots of money. But it has to suck apologizing to share holders over and over again, acting like a monkey at corporate events to try to get anybody enthusiastic about anything, and generally leading ...
  3. Is Apple's Software Quality Declining?

    "It just works." In the past, this was definitely the case of Apple's products, both hardware and software. I believe it still holds true for most of Apple's hardware, but as for software, "it just works" seems to be a waning truth for each new version of iTunes and Mac OS X.

    Mac OS ...
  4. What's Coming In The Next Mac OS X Snow Leopard Update?

    Apple is beginning to test 10.6.2, the next incremental update to Mac Os X Snow Leopard. The update reportedly addresses bugs for nearly every aspect of the system and will bring more significant performance increases when compared to the 10.6.1 update which was released on September 10th.
  5. Chrome OS First Look! Or Fake Look?

    Screenshots and a beta download of Google's much anticipated Chrome OS appeared on the web today. I've been waiting anxiously to see what Google had in store as the rumored Windows 7 killer, so I jumped at the opportunity. But after clicking around a bit, something didn't feel right. Following my ...
  6. Apple's Mighty Mouse Won't Suck Anymore?

    iMac and MacBook updates are likely coming soon. The updates are probably going to be more of the same, thinner, greener, and a bit faster. More importantly, accompanied with these updates, the Mighty Mouse is rumored to finally be euthanized and resurrected into something that doesn't suck.
  7. Roughly 1 Out of 5 Have upgraded To Snow Leopard

    Research firm Net Applications has published a report stating that nearly 1 out of every 5 Mac user has upgraded their Macs to Mac Os X 10.6 Snow Leopard.
    On August 28th, Apple released Snow Leopard, which is version 10.6 of the Mac operating system. Since then, it has had rapid adoption. On the day
  8. Apple Mac Tablet To Compete Directly With Amazon's Kindle?

    Rumored details have been emerging regarding the fabled Apple Mac tablet. Some details are more of the same and other details are laugh-worthy hokum. But finally, there is speculation that actually points to a specific purpose and market for an Apple tablet.

    As I have stated previously ...
  9. Easy Video Editing Finally Comes To Linux?

    For the past few years, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a good (high-quality, easy-to-use) video editing program for Linux. While this used to be one of the "bad news" things I felt obligated to mention to those thinking about trying Linux, there is finally some good news. The OpenShot Video ...
  10. Will Microsoft New Antivirus Make Any Difference At All?

    Hell must have froze over—Microsoft has now taken a positive step forward and is taking some responsibility for the malware/virus saturation in Windows. By developing its own malware/virus protection program, a bit of pressure can be taken off Microsoft, but will there be added pressure on third-party ...
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