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  1. iOS 7 -- The Final Insult

    Apple is dead.

    It didn't happen with the death of Steve Jobs, it occurred a few years prior, and not over night. I began seeing evidence when Apple released Mac OS X Mountain Lion, which turned the desktop operating system into an iOS look-a-like. I new it was a sign of Apple's demise, ...
  2. Apathetic Citizens Deserve To Lose Their Freedoms

    I absolutely believe what I wrote in the title of this article: apathetic citizens deserve to lose their freedoms. That's right, I'm talking to you. Those of you who don't know what is going on with your government, or to those of you who don't care.

    I don't think they should lose ...
  3. Boehner Is A Traitor And A Coward

    House Speaker John Boehner, a party stooge, is a traitor. He recently made butt-stupid comments about the 29-year-old who let every U.S. citizen know that they are being spied on by their own government. Boehner called the informant a traitor, just because the guy informed all Americans that their ...
  4. John McCain, Wacko Birds, And The Progressive Disease

    John McCain is a jealous, petulant, grumpy, progressive old man. He's no longer a star in the GOP (as if he ever was) and he knows it.

    John McCain's turdish behavior yesterday is spilling over to today. The old dog is now calling liberty minded republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz ...
  5. Lindsey Graham and John McCain Are GOP Turds

    A day after Rand Paul filibustered the senate floor for nearly 13 hours, colossal jewels of idiocy from the GOP are speaking out. Turds like Lindsey Graham and John McCain are showing their complete disregard to liberty and the Bill of Rights. They care more about their own political career and the ...
  6. The GOP Is Over -- Canter And Boehner Are Cowards

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is wetting his pants in fear of a potential "civil war" in the republican party. I got news for you Mr. Canter: the war is already here. You're days are numbered. Your power is mere pseudo power. You will be driven out of the cesspool of Washington D.C. that you ...
  7. George Lucas Sells Star Wars For $4 Billion To Disney?

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Yes, it's true. George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and the Star Wars Franchise for $4.06 billion. Disney has announced plans to make a third Star Wars trilogy, with the first movie slated ...
  8. I'm A Racist: I Want Romney To Win And Obama To Lose

    Frequently, ever since his messiah was anointed into office, Chris Matthews of MSNBC has articulately made reasoned and fact based arguments that anyone who criticizes Obama is without question a racist. I'm going to admit something that I have never admitted to anyone -- I want Romney to win and ...
  9. Democrats: Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It

    Team Obama has posted a completely absurd and contemptible promotion which perpetuates the lie that republicans are waging a war on women.

    The promotion (<a href="">currently seen here ...
  10. Obama Is Buying The "Stupid" Vote

    Obama can't manage our money. Our national debt is sky-rocketing, more so than with previous administrations. The Fed is pumping more and more money into the system, which will only prolong the arrival of the inevitable collapse, and will cause major inflation in the short-term.

    Obama ...
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