• Mitt Romney: Enigma, Hypocrite, Candidate, Mormon?

    As a conservative, I can never pinpoint my feelings about Mitt Romney. He is an enigma to me. At times when I listen to him speak about issues, I think he would be a great president, but when he moves on to another issue, he says something else causing my opinion of him to change. It happened again today as he refused to apologize for the Massachusetts health care reform he signed into law while governor of Massachusetts.

    He recently said that if he were president, the first thing he would do is repeal Obamacare. Sounds good, but then I heard him say this regarding the universal health care he started in Massachusetts:
    “A lot of pundits around the nation are saying that I should just stand up and say this whole thing was a mistake, that it was a boneheaded idea and I should just admit it, it was a mistake, and walk away from it. And I presume that a lot of folks would conclude that if I did that, that would be good for me politically. But there’s only one problem with that, it wouldn’t be honest. I, in fact, did what I believed was right for the people of my state.”
    I applaud him for sticking to his principle of honesty, but doesn't it kind of make him a hypocrite to support his own Massachusetts health care law while strongly criticizing a similar health care law on the federal level?

    At that point, I was once again off the Mitt band-wagon, but then he went on to talk about how it should be up to the states on how to manage universal health care. Arg. I'm a strong proponent of states' rights and a strong opponent of universal health care. With what Mitt just said, one foot is on the Mitt band-wagon, and the other off.

    Then there is the whole mormon question. Not the one that most of you think of though. I know the mormon faith rather well and really don't care if someone running for office is a mormon. But the mormon question I refer to is how can he be true to his mormon faith and continue to support certain policies? Abortion for example. The Church of Jesus Christ of Letter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the mormon church, is a strong opponent of abortion, except in the instance of rape, incest, or a serious health risk to the mother. Romney says he feels the same way, but has also said that he has no plans to change Roe Vs. Wade. Romney deals with this contradictory stance by saying he does not want to force his beliefs onto other people. But I would ask him, "If abortion is morally wrong, aren't you responsible for discouraging it?"

    How Romney stands with his church and with God isn't my business, but as someone who seeks out candidates who stick to their principles, I wonder how much Romney sticks to his religious principles. If he is willing to bend on one principle, chances are he is willing to bend on others if it is necessary for him to survive in politics.

    Romney still has yet to officially throw his hat into the ring, but he has given several political speeches, like the one earlier today, which pretty much means he and his team are prepping for a presidential run. Will you be supporting Mitt?

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    1. Kyle Buckley's Avatar
      Kyle Buckley -
      Romney drives me nuts. I love that he has a business background, believes in a one-strike system when it comes to child molesters, opposes the so called Fairness Doctrine, and seems to be a man of faith. But I don't like his stance on gun rights. Although he says he supports the 2nd Amendment, he also says he supports strict gun control laws. I have no idea what to think of when it comes to his stance on abortion, because I honestly don't know where he stands. He has made some good points on how to help the economy, which I could get behind. But, he is against the legalization of marijuana, and as a libertarian, I disagree with him on that issue.

      If he gets the GOP nod, I don't know if i could support him or not.
    1. brads's Avatar
      brads -
      Mitt is a flip-flopper. Another career politician. He says what the crowd at the time wants to hear.

      As for his mormon faith, I don't think he can be a true mormon while not opposing Roe vs Wade.
    1. glorybean's Avatar
      glorybean -
      I have a mormon friend who wants to start a "Mormons Against Mitt" campaign.
    1. wayned's Avatar
      wayned -
      Quote From LB Ped View Post
      Mormons are weird. I don't think I could ever vote for one.
      In my experience most people are weird. In fact most things are a little weird when you think about it.

      Things like integrity, skill, and agreeing with me on some of the key issues are important to me. I don't ask for the perfect candidate; just a good one. I have to think carefully to try to figure out if flip-flopping mean just going with the flow to be popular and elected, OR needed flexibility and a willingness to learn.

      But then I'm weird so you probably wouldn't vote for me either.
    1. Myrna Lea Houston's Avatar
      Myrna Lea Houston -
      I don't understand how anyone can be so judgmental when criticizing a possible presidential candidate. Is it popular for so many folks to "put people down" than to "lift them up." The label, "flip-flop" is no different than a person having a paradigm shift (and no, paradigm shift does not mean a pair of dimes). There isn't a person walking the face of this earth that doesn't "flip" on their every day opinions. New information is always coming our way and perhaps, just perhaps, we can be generous in our listening. Instead, of the comments I read, each person brings their opinion(s) to the table by pushing the play button on their own autobiography. Not much growth there.

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