• Imagine That - Charlie Sheen Not Pleased With Unfunny Ashton Kutcher Replacing Him

    Charlie Sheen has weighed in on the news that unfunny Ashton Kutcher will be replacing him on the inane sitcom Two and a Half Men. Upon hearing the news, Sheen reacted bitterly, "Enjoy the show America, Enjoy seeing 2.0 in the demo every Monday, WB. Enjoy planet Chuck, Ashton. There is no air, laughter, loyalty, or love there."

    Is anyone surprised by this reaction? Charlie Sheen, being the intelligent piece of moss he is, would have reacted this way regardless of who was replacing him. Don't expect it to be the last word from Sheen on the matter either. Even if the ratings stay strong for Two And A Half Men with Kutcher in the lead this fall, Sheen will still find ways to pick at the show and further prove that he is insane with or without his tiger blood.

    The choice of Kutcher is merely one out of necessity. Hugh Grant, rumored to have been in the running, also was rumored as turning down the role. So, to replace the unfunny Charlie, CBS went with the next unfunny guy that could keep the teen audience. For whatever reason pretty boy Ashton brings in teen audiences.

    Two and a Half Men is a highly boring and disgusting sitcom. It goes for cheap laughs about masturbation, sex addiction, alcoholism, and prostitution and promotes bad parenting, whorish behavior, abuse of women, and child laziness. It doesn't matter who plays the roles, the stories are unfunny and formulaic, the characters flat, and the writing lazy. The ratings for the show were high not because of Sheen's stardom or his "acting" but rather because every lazy and bratty teenager watches it since it appeals to their base-nature.

    As long as the writers keep with the obligatory penis joke every 3 minutes, and the character Jake stays the lazy slacker he is, the show will remain a ratings monster. Sorry Charlie!
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    1. Serbotski's Avatar
      Serbotski -
      **** you! Charlie is the funniest guy on tv. Well the funniest guy who use 2b on tv. Ashton is a ***!
    1. Hamster's Avatar
      Hamster -
      who cares if its nothing but jokes about masterbating? Its funny. Just cuz you are a ***** doesn't mean it isnt funny.
    1. Fish Biscuit's Avatar
      Fish Biscuit -
      Charlie Sheen isn't funny at all. He needs some serious help or else he is going to be dead from alcohol poisoning.
    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Hey Danny Greer, if you don't like it, don't watch it! If you get offended by something as silly as a penis joke, you got some serious growing up to do.
    1. Danny Greer's Avatar
      Danny Greer -
      Quote From John View Post
      Hey Danny Greer, if you don't like it, don't watch it!
      I completely agree, which is why I no longer watch the show.
      Quote From John View Post
      If you get offended by something as silly as a penis joke, you got some serious growing up to do.
      If you laugh at repeated penis jokes, I could say the same thing about your need to grow up, but I won't

      I don't get offended by penis jokes. I rarely get offended at all. But when it comes to Two and a Half Men and the repeated masturbation and sex jokes, it's simply not creative but is boring.
      Show's writer #1: "Hmmm, let's see, we need a joke here."

      Show's writer #2: "I can't think of anything."

      Show's writer #1: "I know what we can do! The last joke about Charlie's penis was over two pages ago, let's recycle that same joke again!"

      Show's writer #2: "Brilliant!"

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