• Dangerous Radical Group Working With The U.S. Government To Limit Free Speech

    What is the best way for a Marxists group to hide in a free republic like the United States? Use a pro-freedom name and publish fake pro-freedom goals. With a name like Free Press, you would think the group would have the goal of defending the freedom of the press and freedom of speech in general, but no. Free Press, founded and funded by marxists, is a socialist group that operates under the guise of protecting free speech, promoting fair journalism, and protecting online expression (otherwise freedom of speech on the internet). However, Free Press's real goals are the exact opposite.

    The group was founded in 2002 by Robert W. McChesney, a self proclaimed socialist and marxist. McChesney served as editor of Monthly Review, a marxist journal which has been a consistent voice for socialism and anti-American propaganda. In McChesney's own words:

    "Any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself. There is no real answer but to remove brick by brick the capitalist system itself, rebuilding the entire society on socialist principles."

    Freedom of speech is one of the biggest threats to socialist principles. McChesney's Free Press group cannot rebuild our society on socialist principles if speech is not regulated, and McChesney knows this. In his own words:

    "We need to do whatever we can to limit capitalist propaganda, regulate it, minimalize it and perhaps even eliminate it."

    Does this sound like a person who has the goal of defending the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech? No, it does not. So where is Free Press focusing to regulate free speech? The internet.

    Under the guise of "net neutrality," Free Press, in collusion with members of the FCC, is hoping to give the federal government regulatory powers over the internet. Documents recently acquired via a Freedom Of Information Act request, shows many correspondence between the FCC and members of Free Press to coordinate "net neutrality."

    Net neutrality is an effort to make internet access more affordable. As a consumer, I would love cheaper broadband prices, but the federal government, including the FCC, has no constitutional power to regulate the internet or the price of internet access. Although a ruling from a D.C. court stated such things, the FCC and Free Press are still moving forward to regulate the internet . They may have the goal of forcing private businesses into lowering prices for customers, but they also have the goal of giving the government power to silence dissenting viewpoints. Remember, those who founded Free Press are self-proclaimed marxists, socialists, and communists, who are hell-bent on regulating speech in order to reform our country with socialist principles. This anti-American group is in bed with the federal government via the FCC, and wishes to circumvent congress in order to fulfill their own marxist agenda. This is not how our republic should operate. We cannot allow such things to occur.

    One of the most ridiculous arguments that Free Press makes as to why the government should regulate the internet is because online free speech needs to be protected. Really? They want to protect free speech by regulating it? Seriously, explain to me how giving the government regulatory power protects the freedom of speech. I'm not kidding, explain it to me.

    The marxists at Free Press and those supporting government regulation of the internet either are delusional, or, far more likely, are purposely dismantling our freedoms and liberties. In order for the internet to remain a bastion of free speech, the government needs to keep its greedy power-hungry hands off of it. Here is a lesson for the marxists of Free Press and those supporting net neutrality : Americans know that the only thing that is a threat to free speech is government control of speech.

    Spread the word about Free Press and why it is a dangerous group. Do not let these shadow groups regulate our lives and limit our freedoms. Citizen apathy is exactly what they need in order to dismantle our country. Contact your representatives, tell them the government needs to stay away from the internet, and request that the FCC be investigated for colluding with anti-American groups, after all, isn't that treasonous?

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    1. rayy's Avatar
      rayy -
      Why the hell isn't the main stream media reporting about this? Their freedoms are on the chopping block too.
    1. Kyle Buckley's Avatar
      Kyle Buckley -
      Quote From rayy View Post
      Why the hell isn't the main stream media reporting about this? Their freedoms are on the chopping block too.
      I don't know. I have wondered the same thing. It isn't hard to make the connections and that Free Press is a nasty dangerous group and is a threat to our republic.

      Free Press is funded by George Soros, AKA The Puppet Master
    1. Deputy Dog's Avatar
      Deputy Dog -
      Quote From LB Ped View Post
      Please, you guys are nuts.
      Could you elaborate a bit?

      Like the article said, can you explain how handing control over to the government is going to protect free speech online?
    1. shawn of the dead's Avatar
      shawn of the dead -
      Quote From LB Ped View Post
      The name of the ******* group is Free Press!! Go to their websites and you will see that they are all about protecting free speech, making internet affordable for poor people, and protecting democracy. You are seeing shadows that are not there.
      Um, did you not read the article? It is pretty clear that the people of Free Press want to change our country and limit speech.
    1. Kyle Buckley's Avatar
      Kyle Buckley -
      Quote From truth trooper View Post
      Hey Kyle, if you are so for debate and free speech, wy doesn't this site have a liberal or progressive viewpoint? Stupid hypocrite.
      Actually, I would love to have some liberal opinion pieces on our site, but we can't find any liberal/progressive writers who can write well thought out articles.

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