• Truth Doesn't Matter For Glenn Beck Critics

    Progressives and liberals are rejoicing -- Glenn Beck's last day at Fox News has finally arrived. What I don't understand is why his critics are so excited. They had nothing to do with Glenn's departure, nor will his Fox News time slot be filled with dead air. Glenn Beck will also continue his three-hour syndicated radio show, and will begin his online TV network. Beck isn't going away.

    When it comes to Beck's critics, they seem to put reason, honesty, and truth aside. Those who mock and attack him, rarely mention the content of Beck's words -- they only criticize his chalkboard method, his mannerisms, or an out-of-context Beck quote. Jon Stewart effectively mocked Beck's use of a chalkboard, but he did nothing to disprove Beck's ideas.

    Misinformation about Beck's words is widely circulated. It has frequently been reported that an advertising boycott resulted in the departure of 400 advertisers (most recently reported here by the AP). I have yet to see a real list of these advertisers. A list exists, but most of the advertisers never advertised on Glenn's show. Not only that, but how is it possible to fill 400 ad slots into a 1 hour program? Nevertheless, that number of 400 has been widely circulated and has rarely been challenged by journalists who claim to seek truth. The fallacious report has become fact for critics, all because they refuse to do the actual research themselves and fail to use their intellect.

    The truth about Glenn Beck's ratings is always bent by his critics. Day after day there are more and more reports that Glenn is a miserable failure when it comes to the ratings of his Fox News show. Fact is, he is #1 in his time slot, and has been for some time. His ratings have slipped, but so have the ratings of his competition, which is why he has remained #1.

    Beck's critics do not listen to Beck's words. They may hear, but they do not listen. Beck speaks for three hours every day on the radio, then an hour on his Fox News show. Serving our Twitter obsessed ADD riddled society, critics will only quote a minuscule percentage of his words. In order to listen to Beck, you need to listen to the full Beck.

    Reading a quote posted by a blogger who is paid to bash Glenn is not the way to learn. You need to examine, dissect, and intellectually digest. But our society seems to be turning into ADD zombies who can only absorb short tweets.

    How many times have we heard that Glenn Beck said that President Obama was a racist? Beck's critics love to circulate this. Unlike President Obama, Glenn Beck does not have all his words prepared for him before he speaks. If you actually listen to his show, it is plainly obvious that Glenn's monologues and points evolve. He doesn't start out with his end idea and thoughts. He poses questions and ideas, and examines facts and where they may possibly lead.

    He takes his audience all the way through his thought process. His comment about Obama possibly having racist tendencies was uttered during such an evolution. He didn't state it as fact, he stated it as a possible reason as to why President OBama has done some of the things he has said and done. Not only that, but he later retracted his words.

    Out of all of the traits and tactics of Beck critics, the one that frustrates me most is their claim that Beck is a hate monger. They often point out Beck's "hate filled" 8/28 rally which occurred in Washington D.C. this last summer. I listened to the entire rally. There were not any messages or words of animosity uttered during the speeches. None.

    Prior to the rally, most journalist were 100% sure it was going to be a rally for the purpose of bashing Obama and democrats. It turned out to not be political at all. It was a message of faith, God, forgiveness, sacrifice, and honor. Still, dishonest journalist and unethical bloggers ran with the news that it was an anti-OBama rally.

    Beck's progressive and liberal critics confuse debate and differing opinion as hate. Asking questions, offering a point of view, bringing up God in a conversation, and questioning someone who happens to be a different race does not equal hate.

    For those wondering, no, I am not hot for Beck, only for truth. I listen to his radio show fairly regularly, but I have never been a huge fan of his Fox News show. I happen to think that radio fits his conversational style better. I also haven't enjoyed all his books. What I do appreciate about Beck is that he tries his best to be honest and strives to seek truth.
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    1. Bookface's Avatar
      Bookface -
      The thing that I don't understand is these people who obviously disagree with Beck can't find anything better to do with their time but make up falsehoods about Beck. Get a life.
    1. Mr. Wig's Avatar
      Mr. Wig -
      Beck is dangerous. He is a republican puppet who masquerades as a journalist. That's pretty damn dishonest if you ask me.

      Hope Beck enjoys his free time now, basking in his reality distortion field

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