• Note To The GOP Establishment: Your Days Are Numbered

    To the GOP bosses, their cronies, and to the lobbies that bribe them: libertarians and conservatives are on to you. We know you put party power before the liberty and prosperity of our country. Don't bother denying it; lying doesn't work on us anymore.

    We are no longer the sheeple you think we are, we are no longer blind to your games. Our economic prosperity, our freedoms, The Constitution, and our way of life are all at risk, and we know none of it matters to you as long as you retain the spoils and power of crooked politics.

    We used to identify ourselves as republicans, but that label no longer has any meaning, at least not the same meaning it once had. You claim to be fiscally responsible, but you are playing games with our debt in order to play the go-nowhere games of Washington. You claim to represent the U.S. citizens, but you continue to prop up candidates and policies that benefit the establishment.

    You claim to be God-fearing, yet you continue to betray your oaths to God. You swore to protect and defend The Constitution, but you ignore The Constitution when it prevents the progress of your progressive agenda.

    You claim to be the party of conservatism, but you prop up candidates and party members that are progressive. We all know you have already selected Romney to be your nominee for the 2012 election. If he wins the nomination and the presidency, he might provide a temporary fix for our economic problems, but his progressive big government policies will destroy our republic in the long term.

    Romney and the other progressive nominees do not stand with The Constitution, they stand with you: the establishment. We all know they are party hacks that say whatever the audience of the day wants to hear. These so called conservatives lick their fingers, analyze where the political winds are blowing, and they roll with it. They are like you, spineless, power hungry, and compromising of constitutional principles. We don't want Romney or the other progressives, and we therefore don't want you!

    If Romney gets the nomination, or if any of the other progressive big government candidates get the nod, you forfeit your existence. We will abandon your party, and more sheeple will come out of the political haze and will leave you as well. We have the power, you have delusions.

    We are seeking a nominee who has The Constitution running in their blood. The Constitution needs to be in their gut, in their mind, and in their heart. We won't accept anything less. If we get our nominee, we will not allow you to co-opt the movement. We recognize your stench, we know your games, we know your motivation, and we know your ectoplasm. You cannot hide among us.

    If you win the nomination, you will lose in the long run. If you lose the nomination, you will never win again. Your days are numbered.

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    1. Kyle Buckley's Avatar
      Kyle Buckley -
      The only GOP candidate that doesn't make my eyes bleed is Cain. He seems to be one of the very few who actually cares about The Constitution.

      I would really like to support Ron Paul, but his foreign policies would be a disaster. Plus, he's a grumpy old SOB who appears to hate jews.
    1. berryboy's Avatar
      berryboy -
      The crop of candidates have failed to excite me. Granted, I haven't watched any of the debates, but I've heard bits and pieces. Paul sounds like a nut bag, Romney is a flip flopper, and Perry seems like Bush 2.0. I don't know much about Cain, but I guess I owe it to myself to check him out.
    1. Ron Paul Will Win's Avatar
      Ron Paul Will Win -
      Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012!
    1. Johnny Golightly's Avatar
      Johnny Golightly -
      Ron Paul is The Constitution's best friend. He is the only one who makes any sense.
    1. shawn of the dead's Avatar
      shawn of the dead -
      I agree with the article 100%.

      I'm a libertarian and I in no way support Ron Paul. I believe in non-intervention in theory, but Iran getting nukes is just plain crazy. MAD won't work with Iran. It is run by radicals who want to kill everyone including themselves. We must also defend Israel. Ron Paul doesn't care if Iran gets nukes, nor does he care if Israel is wiped off the map.

      Cain is my man.
    1. Brown Nugget's Avatar
      Brown Nugget -
      The GOP is going to be completely revamped when Herman Cain is elected.
    1. Wilson's Avatar
      Wilson -
      Go away, you closeted liberal!
    1. Anthony Edwards's Avatar
      Anthony Edwards -
      Quote From Wilson View Post
      Go away, you closeted liberal!
      I'm a conservative libertarian, not a liberal. If you are still drinking the Republican kool-aid, you will soon be in the minority. The republican establishment is just as guilty as liberals. Republicans have done much of the spending which has lead us to our economic mess and our sky-rocketing debt. Many republicans are only interested in party power and don't give a crap about the country. Many of them say one thing and do another. They are still playing the game.
    1. Deputy Dog's Avatar
      Deputy Dog -
      I am sad to admit it, but this article is absolute truth. The republican party has become corrupted. The current set of candidates running for the the GOP nomination are not all that impressive. They are all liberals and progressives, or they are just plain weak or crazy. Most of them care only about the party. Romney drives me out of my mind. He lies. It was down right insulting when Perry said to all of us that if we don't want illegals to get discounted or free education, we don't have a heart. That was when I officially stepped off the Perry bandwagon. Ron Paul is crazy. Gingrich is a RINO, Huntsman is a spineless turkey, Santorum gives me the creeps, Bachman is flighty, and Cain is an unknown. We need someone like Abraham Lincoln who isn't afraid to tell it like it is and just do it, damn the consequences.

      Rick Perry is absolutely right about social security being a Ponsi scheme. Romney defending SS just shows that he is a big government moron.

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