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Microsoft Money For Mac OS X?

Most people who switch from Windows to Mac find themselves entering a much simpler and less annoying world of computing. And they can find Mac equivalents for most of the familiar programs they used in Windows and most are better than those found in Windows. There is one glaring exception: financial software.

The selection of financial software for Mac OS X is vast, but very few are worth your time and hardly any are worth your money. Quicken for Mac is nothing like Quicken for Windows. The Mac version is awful, seemingly put together as an afterthought to get Mac users to hand over money for a pile of crocodile dung. That sounds harsh, but it is true. If Quicken for Windows was a full deck of 52 cards, Quicken for Mac would be a partial deck consisting of only a single torn card. Intuit should be ashamed for selling it for $70 and then charging a crapulous amount of money for India-based tech support.

There are other options for the Mac, and some are much more tolerable than Quicken, but they still pale in comparison to the offerings found in the Windows world. And I've tried them all.

That leads me to this question: why doesn't Microsoft develop Microsoft Money for Mac? They already produce Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Messenger for the Mac platform and will soon be developing Outlook, so why not Microsoft Money? I have tried to contact Microsoft about this, and when I do get a response, the answer is always, "There is not enough demand for it" or the like.

With no apparent plans for a Mac version of Money, Microsoft is squandering a great opportunity. I know several people who, after switching to Mac, find themselves with no financial software. So they choose to use Boot Camp or vMware Fusion to run their old copies of Microsoft Money for Windows. There are millions of Mac users who are waiting for good financial software for their platform and as soon as one is available, they will pounce. Intuit is currently developing a new version of Quicken for the Mac, supposedly re-designed from the ground up. But this new version has been delayed numerous times, and based on the past, I have no faith that the new version will be delivered soon or give me what I need.

The department of Microsoft that develops Mac software is, in the words of Bill Gates, treated in a unique way by Microsoft itself. The department is in a sense, its own entity and they are given free reign on what to develop, how to develop it and they set their own timetables. The engineers are dedicated to the Mac platform not only in their jobs, but in their personal lives as well. The Mac versions of Microsoft Office aren't clones of the Windows versions, they are designed specifically for Mac OS X and for Mac users.

With Microsoft's resources, the brand name, and the dedicated Mac department, Microsoft could develop a terrific financial software package for Mac OS X that would benefit the end-user and Microsoft.

If you would like to see a version of Money for the Mac platform, post your comments below and send Microsoft some feedback by clicking here.


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  1. Greg's Avatar
    I would like to see Money for Mac. Quicken is **** and iBank ain't that much better.
  2. Flynn S's Avatar
    Quicken for Mac is a travesty. I don't care what company releases it, but Mac users need a good personal finance application. Quicken for Mac is years behind when compared to Quicken Windows and I think calling it crocodile dung is too nice.
  3. Thomas C Knueppel's Avatar
    I believe that even the upcoming Quicken Mac (in 2010) will not be what many users will want. I recently discovered in one of their Beta announcements that in order to keep things simple this new and improved version will not track investment transactions - instead it will simply download current data from your broker or bank or whatever. Not having the ability to track investment transactions is a biggie for me... so what now?
  4. macelly's Avatar
    Microsoft Money for Mac would be good for everyone. Mac users would have a viable option for finance software, Microsoft would get more money and more users, and the competition would improve their crappy products giving Mac users some real options.

    By the way, Quicken for Mac really is a P.O.S.
  5. Michael's Avatar
    Not only will the next version of Quicken be lacking some needed features, but it will also require Rosetta if you have old financial data on your computer. Pretty lame since Apple hasn't sold PPC Macs in several years.

    I use VMware Fusion and use it only for Microsoft Money in Windows. I would easily pay what Intuit charges for Quicken for a Mac version of Money.
  6. anon's Avatar
    Apple has encouraged Microsoft several times to develop Money for OSX.
  7. Triumph's Avatar
    I think Quicken for Mac is great . . . . .

    . . . . For me to poop on!
  8. Josh's Avatar
    I would buy Money for Mac in a heartbeat
  9. SpongeWorthyBob's Avatar
    I actually know several accountants who would love to switch to Mac, but can't because of terrible software options for accountants. I wish Microsoft or even Apple would produce some great financial/accounting software for Mac OS X. Apple sure would get a boost in computer market share.
  10. Jessica's Avatar
    Count me as one who would buy Microsoft Money for Mac if and when it comes out.
  11. jopper27's Avatar
    Although I doubt I would ever use a Mac version of Money, I would love to see it developed as it would make Intuit and others develop better Mac software for finance. Currently, I feel that Quicken is the worst Mac application on the market.
  12. Corded's Avatar
    I would love MS Money for Mac. Bring it on!
  13. Morris Baxter's Avatar
    I need Microsoft Money for Mac. Quicken is a dog.
  14. Rick's Avatar
    Wow, people sure hate Quicken for Mac! I thought I was the only one who thought it was terrible.

    I too would love some good money software for Mac OSX. Just as long as it is done right and not rushed to market.
  15. Jared's Avatar
    MS Money for Mac would be a godsend!

    I will never ever use any Intuit product again! They have raped Mac and Windows users for years with their expensive and useless customer service. I really feel that it is a rather unethical company.
  16. Kyle Buckley's Avatar
    Intuit is forcing my dad's small business to upgrade to the next version of Quicken. He has Quicken for Mac 2006 and they only provide online banking 3 years for each version. So he has to get Quicken 2007, but online baking for that will expire next year. If the new version of Quicken isn't publicly released by then, my dad's business, other businesses, and many Mac users will be screwed.
  17. John Doe's Avatar
    I'm generally not a fan of Microsoft, but I must admit that Microsoft Money is a pretty good product, and I would be very interested in a Mac version
  18. rayy's Avatar
    I don't care who makes it, I simply want a good finance app for my Mac.
  19. short round's Avatar
    Intuit is one of the worst companies in the software market. They do everything they can do to avoid talking to their paying customers.
  20. Sandra's Avatar
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