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Apple Would Be Stupid To Recall The iPhone 4

When Apple releases a new product, Apple always is accused of a nefarious deed. All new versions of Mac OS X, the first iPod, every new Mac, the Apple TV, and all generations of the iPhone were all negatively critiqued when they were each introduced. Is it any wonder that the blogosphere has found something with the iPhone 4 to unitedly complain about? Regardless, Apple will be holding a press conference today at 10am Pacific. It is assumed they will be addressing the iPhone 4's antenna issue.

The antenna issue in the iPhone 4, which causes substantial signal strength loss when the phone is held a certain way, is real. Not all users experience it, but some do. This problem isn't unique to the iPhone 4 though. Nearly every cell phone will experience signal strength loss when held a certain way. However, Apple seems to have received much more negative press about the issue. This has lead to wide spread speculation that Apple may have plans to recall all models of the iPhone 4. This would be the silliest move Apple could make.

Executing such a wide spread recall would slap Apple with significant cost, not to mention more bad press. Plus, why recall something when the issue at hand doesn't affect all users? Even more relevant, why recall a device when it isn't dangerous to the end-user? I know, people have spent hundreds of dollars or pounds on their new iPhone, and they want it to work as expected, but there is a better way for Apple to deal with the problem.

Apple would be much wiser to offer an extended exchange/return program for those users who seem to experience the signal loss. This way, Apple would spend less money to appease unsatisfied customers, and those who are having the antenna issue can easily exchange or return their iPhone 4. Without a recall, those who are satisfied with the iPhone 4's performance can happily and conveniently keep their new device.

If Apple initiated such a program, there would be some who would still complain that the solution isn't satisfactory. It is likely that some people, like whiny Senator Chuck Schumer, will continue to cry and moan until Apple gives everyone a free iPhone with a $100 gift card to the iTunes Store. I think that the aforementioned exchange program would be fair for Apple and the customers -- those who have the issue will have a way out, and those who do not have the issue won't have to return the phone as the result of a recall.
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  1. Dawg's Avatar
    the iphone 4 sucks big time. I won't be happy until Apple gives me a free iphone that can cook my dinner, clean my house, wipe my ***, change my kid's diapers, and go to work for me and get a promotion. Anyone who is happy with anything less is just another Apple fanboy.
  2. Ballbuster's Avatar
    I already returned my iPhone 4. People who are complaining about their iPhone 4 but fail to return it are dumb. Why keep something that doesn't work as expected. Idiots.
  3. Jay's Avatar
    I for one would be very unsatisfied if Apple only did a lame exchange program. Even if they exchanged my crappy iPhone 4 for a non crappy version, I would still want something else for my trouble. I've been fighting this damn thing for weeks now. Suck it Apple!


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