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Who Will Trump Endorse? Who Cares?

Why in the hell is the media going ape over the question: "Who will trump endorse?

I honestly don't get it. First off, endorsements are meaningless. I know of no one who says, "Oh! Wow! Person X has endorsed Eddie Flattlemeyer! I should vote for Eddie Flattlemeyer now! Shazam!"

Secondly, I can't think of anyone who is more irrelevant to politics than Donald Trump. But the media loves his celebrity, and The Donald sure loves the spotlight. But as for me, I don't care in the slightest. In fact, this is likely going to be the last time I ever talk about Donald.

Go away Donald! No one likes you!


  1. macelly's Avatar
    Completely agree

    No one cares but the media. The media is a bunch of jackasses who want to sway the election. Don't listen to a damn thing they say.
  2. shawn of the dead's Avatar
    Donal Trump is a whore.

    His opinion doesn't matter, no matter how hard the stupid newscasters make it look like his opinion matters. He's a weasel.
  3. berryboy's Avatar
    The Donald thinks his opinion makes a difference. It doesn't. In fact, the person who he endorses will probably lose votes because Donald is such an *** monkey.


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