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  1. Re: What will happen to MobileMe now that iCloud is coming?

    I just thought of this today, but what about the Back to my Mac service that is currently a part of MobileMe? I use that quite frequently, and it's one of the reasons I have been able to justify...
  2. Re: What will happen to MobileMe now that iCloud is coming?

    I've been wondering the exact same thing. The only thing I know is from an email I just received that boils down to this one line:

    So it looks like we get to keep our email addresses, and other...
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    Re: iTouch playing on TV

    I actually had a similar problem, and in my case it ended up being just some settings on the iPod touch. In the settings, go to video. I had to set mine to NTSC and turn widescreen off in order for...
  4. Re: Article: Shining Moments: Ignorance And Hypocrisy From Prominent Democrat

    I don't think the author did anything. It's the Representative that made herself look stupid. Don't worry though, there are plenty of Republicans that make themselves look pretty stupid too.
  5. Re: Parallels, vMWare Fusion, or Boot Camp?

    We wrote a few articles on this a few years back that even generated some discussion from people at VMware and Parallels. You can read them here:

    Parallels 4
    VMware Fusion 2 VS Parallels 4

  6. Re: Article: Apple's WWDC 2011 Kicks Off Next Week With Keynote From Steve Jobs

    These are some old articles in which we compared Dell and Apple computers side-by-side. Turns out there is no Apple premium, they just don't make cheap junky computers.

    MacBook VS Dell XPS...
  7. Re: Why no internet explorer for Mac OS X?

    Microsoft decided to quit making IE for Mac in 2003, about the same time Apple introduced Safari. There are many other web browsers available for Mac though, including Firefox and Chrome, and...
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    Re: Do you hate laugh tracks?

    Yes, I DESPISE laugh tracks.
  9. Article: Lance Armstrong Accused Again - Who Cares?

    You can view the page at
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    Re: Star Trek series coming to netflix?

    It looks like it's just taking them a while, and you should be able to start streaming Star Trek on July 1st. Looks like it's time to sign up for Netflix again.
  11. Article: Google Announces New Music Service

    You can view the page at
  12. Re: Is anyone else worried that Mac Os x 10.7 Lion will suck?

    Funny that you bring it up. I was looking at the feature list the other day and thinking, "So what are they adding that's going to be worth paying for?" I couldn't come up with anything. I'm...
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    Re: TV sucks

    I've been enjoying Modern Family lately. But generally speaking, I think TV sucks too.

    I use to love The Office, and I'm interested to see what happens with it now that Will Ferrell is around,...
  14. Article: Google Hit With Another Privacy Case: Do People Have The Right To Be Forgotten?

    You can view the page at
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    Re: Oil catastrophe

    I grew up in western Colorado and saw some of the economic effects of oil production first-hand. There is lots of oil shale in the area, but it's difficult to extract the oil from that. When prices...
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    Re: Gun rights

    Those are interesting arguments. While I disagree with a few of them, the important issue to me is that deciding whether to ban something or not should not have to do with its intended use, or its...
  17. Re: Feds May Refuse To Handle Illegals Caught In Arizona

    This is amazing to me. It's one thing to disagree with a law, it's another thing entirely to blatantly ignore it when it's your job to enforce it. Can you imagine if all the police officers,...
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    Re: Gun rights

    Police forces are not militias. The military is not a militia either. While I know some great cops, I think it's actually a bit scary to think of what could happen if only police forces were able...
  19. Re: Newt Gingrich Says Obama Only Has a 20% Chance Of Being Re-Elected

    Trying is all well and good. But it takes more than doing something to be a good leader. After all, Hitler did a lot of things too. I won't get into value judgments regarding what Obama is trying...
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    Re: Iron Man 2

    That was kind of my hunch. Thanks!
  21. Re: So, what type of TV shows does everyone like here?

    I watch the Office and that's about it. Although I find myself really enjoying the show River Monsters lately. Those are some crazy fish he catches. I haven't decided yet if it makes me want to...
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    Iron Man 2

    Has anybody seen Iron Man 2 yet? I liked the first one, but read a review of the second one that made it sound pretty crappy. I hate paying full price at the theater unless the movie is really...
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    Re: Nillabyte

    Time has been a factor. Public interest has been there. Personal interest has been a bit more difficult.

    It's hard to try to write an article every day about tech stuff. After doing it for so...
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    Re: Ipod Battery

    I've looked at tutorials for that, and like dksbeet said, it looked pretty sketchy. I would say it's worth a try if you're decent with soldering and working with small parts. Or if the iPod is dead...
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    Re: Forgotten password for Ubuntu 9.10

    I haven't had a need to try this myself, but you should be able to reset your password with an install CD.

    There is supposedly a way to reset your password through the GRUB bootloader too, so if...
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