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  1. Article: From Obama's Diary: Meeting with GOP Leaders

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  2. Article: Bob Woodward Is A Neanie

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    Re: winmail.dat? What the hell is it?

    I'm not exactly sure what a .dat file is in relation to winmail.dat, but I'm pretty sure it is a Microsoft proprietary compression format for email attachments sent via Outlook or something. They...
  4. Re: when is nudity going to be allowed on TV

    I for one don't care one iota about what Europe does or doesn't allow on their TV networks. We are not european.
  5. Re: Does anyone know how long Apple's new lightning dock connector cable is?

    Good point
  6. Re: Does anyone else think that Obama is a traitor and committing treason?

    100% agree
  7. Re: Does anyone know how long Apple's new lightning dock connector cable is?

    Not likely. It's still USB, plus apple didn't give us any speed stats during the keynote last week. Apple always boasts of speed improvements if they are there, and since they didn't mention...
  8. Re: How I Met Your Mother season 8 premiere

    September 24
  9. Article: GM Wants The Government Out

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  10. Article: Apple Officially Unveils New iPhone 5

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  11. Article: The Constitution Of The United States Of America

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  12. Article: Chicago Teachers Demand More Money With Less Accountability

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    Re: Why does Obama suck so bad?

    Obama sucks because he is a coward. He sucks because he is a marxist. He sucks because he hates the USA. He hates the USA so much he wants to "fundamentally transform" the country into his idea...
  14. Article: Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Is Not Brave, Its Evidence Of Cowardice

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    Re: Donal Trump's endorsement

    for me too

    I don't care one way or another who is endorsing whom.
  16. Re: Why in the hell isn't Rick Santorum at the top of the polls?

    And that is the reason you give as to why Santorum can't win?

    Santorum has the exact gay marriage stance that Obama does: neither will allow there to be gay marriage. Both are against it.
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    Re: bullcrap from state of the union

    This line is growing very old. And there isn't any truth to it.

    For his first two years in office, both The House of Representatives and The U.S. Senate were controlled by democrats. Currently,...
  18. Re: Is Newt Gingrich Really A Conservative?

    Hardly. Obama and the rest of the marxists dems have tons of dirt on Newt. They will use it during the debates every chance they get. Wrong! Many reports and polls show that conservatism is the...
  19. Article: Newt Gingrich Is Not A Conservative!

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  20. Re: Article: Republicans Need To Be Cautious During The Primaries

    I don't care if he is a mormon.

    And, it's not about winning debates, it's about reducing the size of the federal government and sticking to The Constitution. Romney isn't about that.

  21. Article: Republicans Need To Be Cautious During The Primaries

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  22. Re: Why is the republican party using Herman Cane as black window dressing in a sea of white candidates?

    Sounds like you are the one who is racist.

    I don't think of Cain as being the only black guy in the race, I think of him as the only one I like.
  23. The only GOP candidate that doesn't make my eyes...

    The only GOP candidate that doesn't make my eyes bleed is Cain. He seems to be one of the very few who actually cares about The Constitution.

    I would really like to support Ron Paul, but his...
  24. What exactly is the fair share that the rich should pay?

    One of liberals favorite mantra is that the rich need to pay their fair share. What exactly is their fair share? They already have a 35% income tax rate, which is more than what the middle class...
  25. Re: Article: Note To The Lying Media: Tea Party Didn't Win Anything In Debt Ceiling Talks

    See gang, the above comment is a perfect example that the media has been spreading lies. The tea party isn't racist, they don't want tax cuts for only the rich, and they certainly didn't hold the...
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